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Applied Arts and Calligraphy

List of Currently Exhibited Works

Selection 3 - APPLIED ARTS -

  • (Japan)/Suhama-shaped handled bowl with tortoise-shell design, Oribe type, Mino ware
  • ITAYA Hazan/Water jar with underglaze design of flowering grasses
  • KURODA Tatsuaki/Black-lacquered box decorated in Raden with design of geometric stripes

Selection 3 - CALLIGRAPHY -

  • Attributed to FUJIWARA no Yukinari/Kameyama-gire
  • Attributed to FUJIWARA no Sukemasa/Suji-gire and Toshi-gire
  • HON'AMI Koetsu/Fragment from scroll of poems with ground painting of lotus flowers

List of Works

The artists are arranged according to their birth–death years.
See illustrations for miniatures in the list.




  • Jar, three color ware〔8th century〕


  • Tea bowl, Ido-type glazed ceramic〔16th century〕


  • Tea bowl, “Ujiyama,” Irabo type, glazed ceramic〔17th century〕


  • Water jar with fire marks, “Hotei,” Bizen ware〔16th century〕


  • Shallow bowl, Bizen ware〔16th century〕

SHIMIZU Dokan1579-1648

  • Tea caddy, “Kagamiyama,” Bizen ware〔17th century〕

RAKU Ichinyu1640-1696

  • Tea bowl, “Tsurezure,” Black Raku〔17th century〕

KITAOJI Rosanjin1883-1959

  • Leaf-shaped dish in silver glaze and overglaze enamels〔c.1955〕

TOMIMOTO Kenkichi1886-1963

  • Porcelain plaque with design of a tea set by the artist for his own use, overglaze enamels〔1946〕

KAWAI Kanjiro1890-1966

  • Covered box with flower design, overglaze enamels〔1952〕

ISHIGURO Munemaro1893-1968

  • Tea bowl with a sheep design, overglaze red and green enamels〔c.1967〕

ARAKAWA Toyozo1894-1985

  • Tea bowl, “Gyo-un,” Shino type〔1955〕
  • Tea bowl, grey Shino type〔c.1955~65〕

KANESHIGE Toyo1896-1967

  • Square footed dish, Bizen ware〔1959〕

KUSUBE Yaichi1897-1984

  • Incense burner with design of hydrangeas, Saien technique〔c.1975〕

KATO Tokuro1897-1985

KATO Hajime1900-1968

KONDO Yuzo1902-1985

  • Blue and white vase with design of plum blossoms, gold overglaze〔c.1975〕

TSUKAMOTO Kaiji1912-1990

  • Flower vase, white porcelain〔1979〕

KATO Takuo1917-2005

  • Water jar with flowering grasses design, Lustre ware〔1979〕

KAWAMOTO Goro1919-1986

  • Jar with design of bird, overglaze green〔1974〕

OKABE Mineo1919-1990

  • Incense burner, greish yellow glaze with “kiln change” effects〔c.1971〕
  • Flower vase, sea green glaze with “kiln change” effects〔1975〕

FUJIMOTO Yoshimichi1919-1992

  • Covered box with red and white plum blossoms design, overglazed enamels〔1979〕

KAMODA Shoji1933-1983

  • Jar〔1976〕

SUZUKI Osamu1934-

SUZUKI Goro1941-

RAKU Jikinyu1949-

  • Tea bowl, "Yo Yo," Black Raku〔2000〕

Lacquer and Wooden Works

ISOI Joshin1883-1964

  • Dish with flowering grasses design in Kinma〔1963〕

MATSUDA Gonroku1896-1986

  • Tea caddy, Nakatsugi type, sail design in Maki-e〔1975〕
  • Tea caddy, Natsume type of Jindai keyaki, pair cranes design in Maki-e〔1978〕

OTOMARU Kodo1898-1997

  • Tea caddy with Tsuyukusa design in Choshitsu〔1979〕

KURODA Tatsuaki1904-1982

OBA Shogyo1916-2012

  • Shining box decorated in Hyomon〔1986〕

Metal Works


  • Tea kettle of Shinnari type with drawing of Sue-no-Matsuyama, Ashiya ironware〔16th century〕

NAGANO Tetsushi1900-1977

  • Tea kettle of bamboo shape〔1976〕

KAGOSHIMA Juzo1898-1982

  • Princess Saho, Dancing Goddess of Spring〔1971〕


SERIZAWA Keisuke1895-1984

  • Screen with design of Japanese characters, stencil-dyeing in linen〔1982〕


Attributed to FUJIWARA no Yukinari

  • Fragment from the anthology Wakan-roei-shu known as “Sekido-bon”〔middle of 11th century〕
  • Fragment known as “Iyo-gire” from the anthology Wakan-roei-shu〔middle of 11th century〕

Attributed to FUJIWARA no Kinto

  • Fragment known as “Shuisho-gire” from the anthology Shuisho〔end of 11th century-early 12th century〕

FUJIWARA no Sadanobu1088-1156

  • Fragment known as “Boshin-gire” from the anthology Wakan-roei-shu〔middle of 12th century〕

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