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List of Currently Exhibited Works

Selection 5

  • Auguste RODIN/The Kiss
  • Antoine BOURDELLE/Heracles the Archer
  • Marino MARINI/Rider (the Town's Guardian Angel)
  • TAKAMURA Kotaro/Catfish
  • FUNAKOSHI Katsura/Extended Caesura

List of Works

The artists are arranged according to their birth–death years.
See illustrations for miniatures in the list.

Antoine BOURDELLE1861-1929

Aristide MAILLOL1861-1944

Henri MATISSE1869-1954

Alexander ARCHIPENKO1887-1964

  • Standing Figure〔1922〕

Alexander CALDER1898-1976

  • The Golfer (John D. Rockefeller)〔c.1927〕
  • Black Disc, Yellow and Spiral on Blue and Red〔1960〕

Henry MOORE1898-1986

  • Mother and Child (Upright)〔1978〕

Marino MARINI1901-1980

  • Portrait of Ulrich Gasser〔1945〕
  • Rider (the Town's Guardian Angel)〔1949〕
  • Juggler〔1953〕

HIRAKUSHI Denchu1872-1979

  • Portrait of Asano Nagakoto with Holy Turtle〔1949〕
  • Portrait of Matsuo Basho〔1951〕
  • Tai Gong Wang, Retired Angler〔1953〕

TAKAMURA Kotaro1883-1956

TAKATA Hiroatsu1900-1987

  • Beautiful Emie I〔1962〕

FUNAKOSHI Yasutake1912-2002

  • Miss NMiss N〔1975〕
  • Spring, for the Monument of Four Seasons of Eastern Hokkaido (Esquise)〔1976〕
  • Miss S〔1986〕

SATO Churyo1912-2011

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Regarding Temporary Closings
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