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Attributed to ONO no Michikaze

Fragment known as “Kojima-gire” from the anthology Saiguno-nyogo-shu

Fragment known as“Kojima-gire” from the anthology Saiguno-nyogo-shu
late 11th century
Ink on paper, hanging scroll
21.0x14.5 cm

Selection 3 -Applied Arts-

  • (Japan)/Suhama-shaped handled bowl with tortoise-shell design, Oribe type, Mino ware
  • ITAYA Hazan/Water jar with underglaze design of flowering grasses
  • KURODA Tatsuaki/Black-lacquered box decorated in Raden with design of geometric stripes

Selection 3 -Calligraphy-

  • Attributed to FUJIWARA no Yukinari/Kameyama-gire
  • Attributed to FUJIWARA no Sukemasa/Suji-gire and Toshi-gire
  • HON'AMI Koetsu/Fragment from scroll of poems with ground painting of lotus flowers

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