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The collection of the Menard Art Museum encompasses more than 1,600 works, including approximately 1,000 paintings, prints and sculptures and approximately 600 handicrafts and calligraphies. The collection consists primarily of post-Impressionist works from Europe, including those of Edouard Manet and Japanese-style and Western-style paintings by Japanese artists from the Meiji, Taisho, and Showa Periods (from the late 19th to late 20th centuries) to the present.

list of Currently Exhibited Works

The Size of the works are in the following order.
Paintings / Calligraphy : height × width cm
Sculpture / Applied Arts : width × depth / diameter × height cm


List of Artists

Works on Loan

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Regarding Temporary Closings
Please note that the gallery may close temporarily or alter opening and closing times due to weather conditions such as typhoons and heavy snowfall, or should a situation arise in which it is deemed that visitor safety or the operation of the museum may be hindered.