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  10. Any other act that the Museum determines inappropriate.

Link sites

The contents of a website of a third party other than the Museum which is linked from the Museum’s website or to this website (hereinafter referred to as “link site”) are the responsibility of those operating each linked site and are not under the control of the Museum. Please use such link sites after checking the conditions of use set up by each site. The Museum does not take any responsibility for the contents of link sites and any damage caused by using such sites.


The Museum has exercised great care in preparing the materials for this Website. The Museum assumes no responsibility for any damage that may occur as a result of the use of our services and has no legal obligations to compensate for any damage.
The Museum also assumes no responsibility for any dispute that may occur between a person who provided the information and a third party as a result of the use of our services.
The Museum may interrupt, delay or discontinue the provision of our services due to failure or suspension of computer, network, etc., blackout, natural disaster, maintenance work or other reasons. The Museum assumes no responsibility for any damage that may occur to our members as a result.
When setting up a link to the Museum’s website, this “Terms of Use” shall be applied and it is regarded that these Terms are agreed and accepted.

Cautions for link setting

Please note that the Museum may change the design, contents and address of its website without prior notice. We do not permit the link from the websites that includes content violating public order and morals, That are involved in activities that are illegal or may be potentially illegal, websites that include contents which defame the Museum, other companies (people) or organizations and websites that may mislead a third party.


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Regarding Temporary Closings
Please note that the gallery may close temporarily or alter opening and closing times due to weather conditions such as typhoons and heavy snowfall, or should a situation arise in which it is deemed that visitor safety or the operation of the museum may be hindered.