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SHIMADA Shozo1933-2016

View from the Poolside

View from the Poolside
Oil and collage on canvas
182.0x227.0 cm

Others -SHIMADA Shozo-

  • Flower Scene
  • Still Life with a Replica
  • Sunroom
  • Still Life in Blue
  • By the Spring
  • Between the Horse and the Woman
  • How the Lighthouse Stand
  • Woman and a Fountain
  • Composition with Two People
  • In the Time of Mimosa
  • Eighteenth Street

Selection 10 -Japanese Western-style Painting-

  • FUJISHIMA Takeji/Portrait of an European Lady
  • KUMAGAI Morikazu/A Spotted Cat
  • NAKAMURA Tsune/Portrait of a Woman
  • KOIDE Narashige/Standing Nude
  • YASUI Sotaro/Still Life on a Table
  • UMEHARA Ryuzaburo/Mt. Asama
  • KUNIYOSHI Yasuo/The Clown (to the Ball)
  • KISHIDA Ryusei/Reiko Holding an Apple
  • SAEKI Yuzo/Advertisements on a Street Corner
  • OKA Shikanosuke/A Castle in the Forest

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