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MURAKAMI Kagaku1888-1939

Sacred Lotus

Sacred Lotus
Color on paper, hanging scroll
114.2x31.8 cm

Others -MURAKAMI Kagaku-

  • Peonies
  • Kannon
  • Butterflies Fluttering among Peonies
  • Sound of Pine Trees in Winter Mountains
  • Nyoirin Kannon
  • Kannon, Twisting a Flower Symbolizing Spiritual

Selection 10 -Japanese-style Painting-

  • OGATA Korin/Thirty-Six Immortal Poets
  • YOKOYAMA Taikan/Ten Scenes of the Sea-The Black Current
  • KOBAYASHI Kokei/Japanese Globeflowers in a Vase
  • YASUDA Yukihiko/Wang Zhaojun
  • MAEDA Seison/Plum Trees Bearing Red and White Flowers
  • MURAKAMI Kagaku/Buddha Meditating under the Bo Tree
  • HAYAMI Gyoshu/Rose Mallow
  • HIGASHIYAMA Kaii/Mountain Peaks in Mist
  • TAKAYAMA Tatsuo/White Collar
  • KAYAMA Matazo/Sounds

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