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European Painting

List of Currently Exhibited Works

Selection 10

  • Edouard MANET/Mme. Martin in a Black Hat with Roses
  • Paul CÉZANNE/Child with a Straw Hat
  • Claude MONET/Charing Cross Bridge
  • Vincent van GOGH/End of the Day(after Millet)
  • Georges SEURAT/Ensemble(Circus Sideshow)
  • James ENSOR/Self-Portrait with Masks
  • Henri MATISSE/Woman with a Veil
  • Pablo PICASSO/Still Life : Candle, Palette, Bull's Head
  • Georges BRAQUE/The Blue Tablecloth
  • Marc CHAGALL/Violet Flowers

List of Works

The artists are arranged according to their birth–death years.
See illustrations for miniatures in the list.

Jean-Baptiste GREUZE1725-1805

Gustave COURBET1819-1877

Gustave MOREAU1826-1898

Dante Gabriel ROSSETTI1828-1882

Edouard MANET1832-1883

Edgar DEGAS1834-1917

Odilon REDON1840-1916

Claude MONET1840-1926

Pierre-Auguste RENOIR1841-1919

Henri ROUSSEAU1844-1910

Henri-Edmond CROSS1856-1910

Fernand KHNOPFF1858-1921

Henri de TOULOUSE-LAUTREC1864-1901

Wassily KANDINSKY1866-1944

Pierre BONNARD1867-1947

Emil NOLDE1867-1956

Edouard VUILLARD1868-1940

  • Sewing Woman〔1925〕

Maurice DENIS1870-1943

Georges ROUAULT1871-1958

  • Circus〔1930〕
  • The Shooting Star Circus〔1930-36/ Published 1938〕
  • Passion〔1930-36/ Published 1939〕
  • Flowers of Evil 1936-38〔1936-38〕

Lyonel FEININGER1871-1956

Albert MARQUET1875-1947

  • The Boat: Hendaye〔1926〕

Jacques VILLON1875-1963

  • Mowing Machine with Horses〔1949〕

Constantin BRANCUSI1876-1957

Maurice de VLAMINCK1876-1958

Raoul DUFY1877-1953

  • Sicilian Landscape〔1922〕

André DERAIN1880-1954

Fernand LÉGER1881-1955

Pablo PICASSO1881-1973

  • Portrait of Olga Picasso with Fur Collar〔1923/ Printed 1930〕
  • Glass and Pitcher〔1944〕
  • Profile and Picture〔1964〕

Maurice UTRILLO1883-1955

Juan GRIS1887-1927

Marc CHAGALL1887-1985

  • At the Land of Gods〔Published 1967〕
  • Circus〔Published 1967〕

Giorgio MORANDI1890-1964


Max ERNST1891-1976

Ben NICHOLSON1894-1982

Massimo CAMPIGLI1895-1971

  • Nude〔1965〕

Paul DELVAUX1897-1994

Yves TANGUY1900-1955

Marino MARINI1901-1980

  • Marino Marini Opera Grafica (Graphic Works)〔1959-71/ Published 1972〕

Antoni CLAVÉ1913-2005

  • The Acrobat〔1954〕
  • The King on Red Background〔c.1958-60〕

Nicolas de STAËL1914-1955

Andrew WYETH1917-2009

Andy WARHOL1928-1987

Bernard BUFFET1928-1999

Gerhard RICHTER1932-

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